Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber shares some of the great finds that she uses to create her homes.


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Equestrian Style

We love visiting the horsey areas of New York, especially when there is a tailgating party involved.

It's almost time for the Genesee Valley Hunt Races, and sampling all of the tailgating entries is almost as fun as watching the horses on the timber course.

Even if you don't own a horse you can enjoy an equestrian lifestyle - we love the collection this tailgater put together - what do you think - are you ready for a day at the races?

Round Top Antique Show Buying Trip

We have been hearing about the Round Top Antique Show for years, and decided that it was time to check it out. Fortunately we are incredibly busy so we had to make it a day trip, but it was well worth it.

You can get a more detailed report on, but we had a great time and got some wonderful buys for our new shop at Lula B's Oak Cliff. Stop by and see us soon!

When Pigs Fly - Carefully Curated Collections at Lula B's in Dallas, Texas

We have said more than once that pigs would fly before we ever opened up another shop. Well, meet Lula - the flying pig that is now flying over our new shop at Lula B's in Oak Cliff, Texas.

Their stellar reputation along with the fact I wouldn't have to be there every day made me decide to give it a try, and of course as soon as we opened, everyone who came by wanted to buy Lula!

Curated collections are something we enjoy putting together, and find that people appreciate being able to purchase a group of items that all work so well together. This week we have an extensive Disney / Mickey Mouse collection along with a horse / polo series that includes and English made saddle and bridle, some great cat ceramics, and we are working on some fun jewelry that we'll be sharing in the front of the store.

I'm hoping that this goes well - I'm actually enjoying this! Please stop by and let us know what you think.

Re-Thinking Fun Finds

Happy Memorial Day! I've been fortunate enough to be working in the Finger Lakes region of New York and between helping people LifeStyle their vacation homes and working on redesigning some clubhouses for The Riedman Companies I've been able to sneak in some shopping at the local flea markets, Goodwills and thrift shops.

Today I was at the Avon Flea Market and it was so hot and muggy a lot of the vendors left early but  a glass deviled egg plate caught my attention and always in stylist mode I scoped out the rest of the tables and found this!

At first I had no idea what to do with it but it was interesting so I made him a very low offer - less than half. After offending him I was resigned to walking away but after I made it about 50 feet I realized this was truly something special so I paid his price. It turns out that these were creamers - probably from the 40's or 50's. They are probably about 2 oz each and cute as can be.

I'm thinking about using them for the Prosecco Bar that I have been wanting to do at brunch - these will be perfect to fill with various fruit, simple syrups and purees to add.

What items have you found that you have used in a different way?

Great Finds at Ronald McDonald Household Sale

People ask me why I fly from Dallas to Rochester, NY twice a year for the Ronald McDonald Household Sale, and I think this is a great example of what keeps me coming back.

You never know what you will find, or what you think you will need :) This year nothing caught my eye until I went into the boutique area and there was an entire collection of demitasse cups. Not something I'm usually in the market for, but I knew I would be doing a lot of food styling for Chef Joanne Bondy for her new Stocks & Bondy shop and these would be perfect for styling her broths.

I was able to buy 30 of these - each one more beautiful and interesting than the next, and then the trick would be to get them back to Dallas. After buying a ton of bubble wrap I pulled over into a parking lot and wrapped each one carefully, and then carried them with me on the plane in my camera and computer bags. All 30 made it back, and yesderday they made their debut!

Trending: Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos - the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday is a popular theme this year for Halloween and we are loving the intriguing holiday decorations that we are already seeing in the stores.

 We found this artwork at Kirklands - it's only August but there's lots of goodies showing up in the stores.

What are your favorite themes for Halloween?

Equine Inspirations at The Las Vegas Market

The Summer Las Vegas Market has so many great finds and ideas it's going to take me months to sort through everything I brought back.

One of the trends that was showing up in a lot of the showrooms was anything Equestrian. We loved these vintage stirrups that were mounted on an on leather book - what a great statement for an entry or office. We found this collection at Peninsula Home Collections.