When Pigs Fly - Carefully Curated Collections at Lula B's in Dallas, Texas

We have said more than once that pigs would fly before we ever opened up another shop. Well, meet Lula - the flying pig that is now flying over our new shop at Lula B's in Oak Cliff, Texas.

Their stellar reputation along with the fact I wouldn't have to be there every day made me decide to give it a try, and of course as soon as we opened, everyone who came by wanted to buy Lula!

Curated collections are something we enjoy putting together, and find that people appreciate being able to purchase a group of items that all work so well together. This week we have an extensive Disney / Mickey Mouse collection along with a horse / polo series that includes and English made saddle and bridle, some great cat ceramics, and we are working on some fun jewelry that we'll be sharing in the front of the store.

I'm hoping that this goes well - I'm actually enjoying this! Please stop by and let us know what you think.

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