We Brake For Flea Markets!

One of the great things about working in Napa (besides all of those incredible wineries!) was having a little extra time here and there to do some thrifting.

I was able to leave for the Oakland airport a little bit early, and discovered this small, but very quirky flea market in a parking lot in Berkley.

There were lots of interesting finds, but this religious pc that was on a very dirty blanket with old shoes, belts and clothing immediately caught my attention.

The gentleman had a great story and tried to convince me it was centuries old, which it wasn't, but I could tell he could use a hand up, and we negotiated a price that I thought was fair. When I asked to get his photo with the piece he started yelling at me because he thought that I wanted evidence if it was stolen. Actually, I thought he was as interesting as the treasure and I wanted to capture the moment.

His friend convinced him that it would be OK, and I left with a great story, image, and memento. 

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