Wedding Bells!

I am so excited - my middle sister let us know that wonderful guy she's been dating has asked her to marry him and she said yes! Never one to waste time, the wedding is going to be on the 4th of July at my parents lake house near Tyler, Texas. They both have kids, so this union will be a blending of hearts, homes, and families. My mother is in heaven - she's always wanted one of us to get married at the lake. My youngest sister came the closest so far - she was married at her in-laws home that has a spectacular back yard and is part of the annual Azelea festivities in Tyler. We tend to be a very laid back family- she was having so much fun water-skiing the morning of her wedding she was almost late. I wasn't much better - I spent the night before my wedding at the stable with my horse and my best friends.The ceremony is going to be in the morning so we'll all still have plenty of time to water-ski, and my sister is letting this lifestylist make the wedding cake! I'm also going to be helping with the catering and I will promise you that nothing will be Semi-Homemade and everything will probably be made from scratch!

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